Features - Management Suite

Free your team from spreadsheets with a full suite of management tools. We can help to automate customer service, onboarding, advanced routing, time sheets, reports, billing, and a lot more.

Route Optimization

Optimize routes swiftly with our advanced software. Adjust routes by transferring stops, reversing, adding, or removing them effortlessly. Drivers get immediate access to optimized routes via the mobile app.

Time Tracking

Drivers will be able to clock-in and out from the Android app. You can quickly generate reports on the fly for each pay period and allow your drivers to see a history of their hours right from the app. Fixing mistakes is quick and painless with click-to-edit forms.

Route Automation

The system will automatically maintain future scheduled routes. Routes are auto-populated with active customers, so if a customer is overdue on their payments, they won't be included on the route. When you are ready to optimize a route, the previous week's order is maintained or you can choose to reoptimize with our optimization tools.

Service Areas

Define precise areas to keep your drivers from over extending their routes. Potential customers will be able enter their address online to check if service is available at their location. You can even define custom plans, products, and route assignment to areas. When a new customer signs up, they'll be charged, a subscription will be created, they will be automatically assigned to a route, and they'll receive a customized welcome email. All of this happens behind the scenes!

Customer Service

Use our robust customer messaging systems to quickly delivery important messages (SMS and/or Email) directly to right groups of customers. Customers can use to customer portal to request service skips, address changes, cancellations, and order products and services.

Flexible and Automated Billing

stopSuite partners with Stripe for automated subscription billing, seamless signup forms, and comprehensive eCommerce solutions. A key benefit of using Stripe is its integration with our routing system, enabling automatic removal of customers from routes if payments are significantly overdue.

GPS Tracking

stopSuite automatically tracks drivers on route. You'll be able to see their current location as well as a history of where they've been.